Question your Anxiety - 7 Day Journal

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Let's get directly on point.

Life is hard.

While everyone might say "talk to your friends" "get a therapist" 

It is not always possible!

You find yourself overthinking a lot of nights, getting out of one anxiety loop, and falling into another and the usual "I am so stuck" feeling we all get.

You know it is your mind which is talking bullshit, or you just feel clogged - in a dark embarrassing space where you know you are thinking shit but don't know what to do.

The worst  part is - everything in your life might be going okay and you still end up feeling "meh"

I was on this path for a while. Just kidding. Not "a while" but more than a year.

Everything was going fine. I was achieving great milestones and yet all I remembered as "memories" of the past months was some "anxiety" my mind was after.

This year when this happened again after I got my degree I realized ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I could not share it with anyone cause they'd have said how foolish I was to feel down when everything was great.

And so I started to unravel myself.

Read some books, blogs.

Used some mental models to get to the point and question my damned brain.

And that's how this was created.

What is it?

It is a 7-day Journaling Routine that lets you in a safe space, questions your brain, and guides you in self-reflection.

You get a chance to sit and think and answer some questions that might take you to the root of your anxiety, overthinking, and noticing how your brain affects you.

It lets you see how bad your anxiety is, imagine how life would be if you weren't anxious or overthinking, and finally, strengthens you to take a step further in fixing yourself.

Each day, you get 3 questions to answer, a Task of the Day, and a Quote.

The 7th day wraps up in some detailed questions and goals for the future you'd like to have.

Before leaving you to it - 

I'd suggest you to do this task in a meditative way.

Close all screens.

Sit in nature. Silent.

With a paper and pen. You should be writing those answers down. Why? Writing brings conviction. You notice how stupid your brain can be when you write it down. You "see" your thoughts in words when you write them. You start to separate yourself from your thoughts.

So WRITE THE ANSWERS DOWN with paper and pen.


Some answers will be hard. They'll force you to look inside. Don't fear. It is just you. And you're doing this for a life you cannot imagine. 

Lastly always remember,

You can always live the life you imagine.

Oh and some initial reviews by early getters!

Go get yours!!

Disclaimer - This is, not in any way medical or professional advice. These are only self journaling questions to know our own self better.

The Content is not intended to be, and must not be construed to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Talk with healthcare providers, helplines for any questions you may have or any emergency situations. The author or contributors shall not be liable for any damage/injury that the reader may incur upon their usage of this content.

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Question your Anxiety - 7 Day Journal

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