Tweets, Hooks and Headline Formats

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Tweets, Hooks and Headline Formats

34 ratings

It's easier to write a 1500 word essay than a 100-word essay.

If you don't get this, DO NOT READ AHEAD.

So..if you do get this, you know it's difficult to pack a punch in fewer words.

And the hardest - in one line.

The scariest part - those one-lined things decide if your email will be opened, your tweet will go viral, or your customer will click the BUY button.

To help you there, I've got a repository of 60 formats.

They range from tweets and hooks to subject lines, headlines, and even copywriting frameworks you can use on your landing page.

I've collected them from viral tweets and copywriting threads.

It's in form of a notion template.

You can duplicate the notion file to add your own notes.

Add 0 (or anything you wish to contribute) and click "I want this"

Happy Writing! :)

PS - Watch out for a second email (apart from the "you bought it" one) after the purchase. It has A FREE GIFT (copywriting resource) ;)

Search 'Arunima' and check your promotions tab if you don't get it as soon as you purchase!

I want this!

60 formats to help you write CONVERTING ONE - LINERS


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